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Board of Education - "School Shmooz"

November 2015
Cheshvan - Kislev 5776

Our school year is plugging right along! October sort of blew by, wrapping up the High Holiday Season. On October 4th the CSI Sunday School students celebrated Simchat Torah with song and dance, a “food craft”, and Torah stories. We started the morning with Torah talk with Rabbi Aaron. We then moved into the social hall with Sharona to dance with the Torah, accompanied by music from Rabbi Aaron and his accordion. Our break included a “food craft”, making an edible Torah using fruit roll-ups and pretzel sticks, thanks to Jenna Denisar. We then unrolled one of our student friendly pictorial Torahs, and students took turns reading some of the parashat. Everyone went home with a bag of sweet Torah treats, thanks to Anne Bayme.

On October 18th we celebrated the Consecration of Cameron and Porter Bullington during Junior Congregation. We welcome them as they begin their formal Hebrew education! They received their certificates and mini Torahs, and tasted the sweetness of learning Torah with a drop of honey on their chalkboards. Mazel tov to them and their family!

Also on the 18th, the CSI USY and Kadima groups held their first meeting. The activities included introductions, icebreakers, and the beginning of planning and organizing activities for the year. Jack Finkelstein and Isaac Crabtree are Co-Presidents for USY, and Sophie Denisar and Maya Rubinstein are Co-Presidents for Kadima. Ice Breakers included: 1) a crossword puzzle with everyone’s names; 2) a roll of toilet paper and writing descriptions of themselves; 3) two truths and a lie; 4) and a challenge of answering “what” and “would you rather” questions, while sitting in concentric circles. Thank you to Kara Hebert for the delicious snacks and for meeting with the club members to plan future activities.

On the 25th the CSI USY and Kadima group met again and had a grand time at a “Candy Share” dinner at El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant. They all brought their favorite Halloween candy to share. Hola to Amitai, Spencer, Sophie, Nicole, and Maya! Love that photo and the hat! The members planned their next activity for November 15th when they will go to the 4:30 Macon Mayhem hockey game. USY and Kadima parents are welcome too! Kara Hebert will be purchasing the tickets in a block, so let her know by November 9th if you are interested in participating.

Rockin’ Shabbat happened on the 23rd. Although a small crowd, they had fun learning about the mezuzah. They made mezuzot with clear tubing, wires, and beads, and took a “mezuzah tour” of the building. Jennifer Bernstein read them a story about a mezuzah. Sharona taught them a song about the mezuzah, and led them in the service along with Rabbi Aaron. Thanks Jennifer and James Bernstein for the delicious Shabbat dinner.


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