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A Conservative Jewish Congregation serving the spiritual needs of the Middle Georgia Jewish community since 1904

Board of Education - "School Shmooz"

June - July 2015
Sivan - Tammuz - Av 5775

My grandmother used to say, “Go to school. Get a good education. It is something no one can ever take away from you!” What she did not tell me is that education and learning never stops! There are constantly opportunities to learn more. At Congregation Sha’arey Israel’s Religious School, teaching and learning is everywhere – Rabbi Aaron teaches students and teachers, and then there is Adult Ed; the teachers teach each other, as well as the students in their classes; USY and Kadima provide social activities with learning components; and our students are constantly teaching all of us. It’s a win/win situation!

The month of May has been so busy as our school year has come to a close. We celebrated Lag B’Omer May 3rd, with archery, haircuts and games, thanks to the Finkelsteins, Crabtrees, Huttens, Rabbi Aaron and Sharona. Everyone enjoyed s’mores thanks to James Bernstein who brought the fire pit.

Our high school seniors, Alex Koplin, Marc Rosengart, and Zohar Rubinstein led services on May 15th, with a Shabbat dinner following. Also on May 15th we celebrated Jacob Cornelius as he was consecrated. Mazel Tov to all of those families! Thank you to Shelley Davidson, Lena Carroll and Donnell Howard for the delicious dinner and set up, and to Sharona Rubinstein for the homemade challot! Thank you to Jennifer Koplin and Bonnie Cornelius for the beautiful cakes, Theresa Rosengart for the graduation decorations, and to Rabbi Aaron for a wonderful service.

Our last day of Wednesday Hebrew was May 13th, and the last day of Sunday School was May 17th. On the 17th we had our awards program, recognizing our students and their families. For Wednesday Hebrew, Tre Bellaire received a gold medal for perfect attendance, and Jacob Cornelius received a silver medal for only one absence. For Sunday School, Lilah Hutten and Ashlyn Bernstein received gold medals for perfect attendance; Sylvia Brown, Micah Cornelius, and Jaden Adler received silver medals for only one absence; and Spencer Hebert, Sophie Denisar, and Jack Finkelstein received bronze medals for only two absences. Each of our students received a certificate and a “Lamp of Learning” dog tag.

Our teachers, parents, and Board of Education were also recognized. We enjoyed a delicious brunch thanks to Kara Hebert, Bonnie Cornelius, and Shelley Davidson.Our last Rockin’ Shabbat was held on May 22nd, celebrating Shavuot. Our students cut out and colored the 10 Commandment Tablets and glued them onto construction paper, and then listened a story about Shavuot and the receiving of the 10 Commandments. Thank you to Jennifer Bernstein for these activities. Rabbi Aaron and Sharona led Shabbat prayers and blessings. The delicious Shabbat dinner was thanks to Congregation Sha’arey Israel, with Shelley Davidson and Lena Carroll having prepared it.

All of this was just in one month! Our numbers may be small, but we have a dynamic structure and organization, thanks to every one of you that help make so many engaging events happen!

Wishing everyone a great summer!


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